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How to Sew Cushions?

Cushions are for many purposes of which comfort and home decoration are the main. When talking of outdoor furniture cushions like those for your swing or the rocking chair in your patio, they further make the hard surfaces comfortable. However, cushions that are meant to be kept in open or that which to be used more roughly than the indoor cushions, one do not want to spend a handsome amount on buying very expensive cushions. There's one way out- you can make your swing cushions and rocking chair cushions- it's easy enough! Moreover, you can use those fabrics that won't wear out soon. If excited enough to save some money and also getting the comfort of cushions, learn How to Make Swing Cushion and Rocking Chair Cushion?

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How to Care for Flannel Fabric

Flannel is one of the softest fabrics that need special care during washing and drying. If you will handle the flannel fabric roughly then after few washings it will give the worn out look making it unfit for use. But flannel is also one of the most durable and easy to care fabrics. You need no dry cleaning to clean this fabric. Flannel fabric is very soft and warm, easy to care and durable and available in varied designs and colors. Generally the colors are fast so you do not have to worry about the color bleaching and all. Cotton flannel fabric products generally shrinks a bit so keep this in mind before washing the first time.

How to Wash Flannel Fabric?
You have the flannel clothes, flannel pants, flannel sheets and other flannel material that needs regular washing. It is better to wash with hands as you will very gently wash your fabric with hands. If this is not possible then wash the flannel fabric in lowest machine setting in cold water. Use very mild detergent. If there is any stain on the flannel fabric then never rub this with brush. Keep the fabric in your hand and then gently rub the fabric. This will remove the stain. Never use hard bleach, detergent or whitening agent to wash flannel fabric.

How to Dry Flannel Fabric?
The best option to dry flannel is the natural dry method. Never hang the very wet flannel fabric on the clothesline outside as the material may loose its shape. For this either dry it in the tumbler under low settings or very gently squeeze the extra water out of the fabric and then out it on clothesline for drying. Do not be harsh while squeezing the flannel fabric. Also remember to get the little damped flannel out of tumbler to avoid wrinkles.

Follow the Instructions on Label
All clothes and furnishing product material comes with the washing and drying instruction labels. For better flannel care follow these care instructions every time.

How to Iron Flannel Fabric?
Always iron this fabric on the wrong side.

Never wash flannel fabric with any other fabric as flannel leaves lints that get deposited on other fabric. Also never over dry flannel as it will get wrinkles and its color will fade eventually.

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Adorn You Table With Table Covers

Cotton Table Cover

Want to decorate and protect your table skillfully then adorn your table with table covers that are available in wide array of designs, colors, shapes and sizes. What you think is there is the market for table covers.

Crochet Table Covers: Since time immemorial crochet is used on home furnishing products to beautify them further. Crochet table covers therefore are very popular category that is made by our grannies. Either you can directly cover your table with this or you can first have a plain satin or cotton table cloth and then cover it with beautiful crochet table cover. These look really wonderful. Also on some of the table covers the top is made up on fabric and its edges are done with crochet. This is another way of styling the table.

PVC Table Cover: Complement the printed table covers, the PVC table covers are unique way of decorating the table as you do not have to worry them after cleaning. Also in this range comes the plastic table covers. Most of these are fitted with elastic for proper fitting. But if you do not like this and too lazy to wash fabric or plastic then you have the option of paper table covers. Just use and throw. These are similar to cotton in feel and touch.

Lace Work Table Cover: Lace work is very best-selling among urban parts and a creates a very romantic ambiance. So make this wedding anniversary a special one by decorating your dining table with lace work table cover. You can have the drop of lace work with fabric center. Also one the center the lace work is done.

Silk Table Covers: For special occasions get the silk table covers. If you are regular party throwing person then silk table cover might not work for you as these need proper maintenance and care. You cannot wash it with string detergent. But yes silk table covers really create the huge difference in table decor. If you are silk lover then you can use the clear table protector over it to protect it.

Cotton Table Cover: These are all time favorite of all. Cotton table covers look fantastic during normal routine days there is nothing easier than these on maintenance. Also various embroidery, prints, colors and patterns are there in this category of table covers. Check pattern is peculiar for patio and outdoor table decoration.

Embroidered Table Cover: One more idea to stylize your table. Embroidered table covers are all time favorite of all. Silk, cotton and linen are the most preferred fabric to make embroidered table covers. Cross stitch, hem stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy stitch and more.

LED Table Covers: You will surprised to know that you can now illuminate your table setting with LED table covers that is the technological development. You LED table cover will work as luminaire. These LED table covers are made up of fiber optics and cloth. This is given an electric cord which when plugged in for electricity illuminates the whole table cover. You can also wash this at home as this LED table cover is completely water proof.

LED Table Cover

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to make Bedskirt

It feels altogether different when you will use your handmade bedskirt. To make bedskirt simple fabric is edged with decorated fabric that is visible part of bedskirt. Check out the step-by-step guide on how to make bedskirt.

Things Required
  1. Fabric (for ruffles)
  2. Fabric (to tuck under mattress)
  3. Scissor
  4. Sewing machine
  5. Thread
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Marker

How to Measure for Bedskirt for Fabric to Be Tucked Under Mattress
  • Correct measurement is essential to make bedskirt of perfect size. For this take the measuring tape or yardstick and accurately measure the length and breadth of box spring.
  • Now add 1” to the measurement that you have taken. For an example if the spring box measures 70" X 50" then make it 71”x 51”.
  • Cut the fabric to be tucked under mattress of this measurement.

Measurement for the Visible Fabric of Bedskirt
  • Multiply length and breadth of box spring by 2, which means 70 x 2 and 50 x 2. It comes out to be 140” and 100”. Add these two and add 4” extra in the total (140+100+4). The result comes out to be 244”. So you need the fabric of this length.
  • For the length of drop measure the distance from the top of box spring till floor. Add close to 3” in this length. Say the length of the box spring is 15” then add 3” in that. You will have 18” length. Cut your fabric that has width of 18”. Most of the fabrics in market are available in 45”-60”. So buy and cut your fabric for bedskirt accordingly.

How to Make Bedskirt?
  1. Cut the fabric to be tucked.
  2. Cut the visible bed skirt fabric in four strips. Two for the length of the bed and two for the width of the bed. If you do not need the bed skirt at front then have two length long fabric strips and one width long.
  3. Give 1” hem lengthwise and 1/2” widthwise.
  4. Leaving 1/4” from the edge, sew the length long fabric with the sewing machine set to longest stitch length. Repeat the sewing on the remaining bedskirt fabric strips.
  5. Take the one fabric that you have sewn. Hold the threads with your finger and thumb and gently pull one of the thread. This will cause the ruffles. Make the even gathers.
  6. Measure the length of gathered fabric. It should be 1” more than the length of box spring. Same way make the ruffled bedskirt on width side.
  7. Make the seam over the gathers so that these remain intact.
Now sew the gathered fabric with the fabric to be tucked under mattress.

Your bedskirt is now ready to use.

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